Izzy wakes up to her first period. Having received no previous information about menstruation, she believes she is dying. 

Wolf howls. 

Moon beckons.

Bear sniffs.

This will be Izzy’s quest to stop the bleeding. Perhaps she will meet the moon cops, the Con Don and The Royal Coil, learning about her body and menstrual cycle along the way. Finally, realising the moon-cup was within her all along, Izzy learns to go with the flow on her journey into womanhood. 

Born out of a lack of comprehensive sex education, this show will use comedy, music and audience interaction to tackle sensitive topics such as period and body shaming, puberty, consent, sexual health and gender roles. Our focus is inspiring young people to engage with the arts, breaking the stigma around periods and opening a conversation about sustainable living on the way.

This show is in early stages of development. 

We are looking for the necessary support, rehearsal space and partners to help us make it in 2019.

We hope to then offer the show to London and regional children’s theatres; and approach primary and secondary schools, offering a performance and discussion/workshop as part of their sexual education curriculum. 


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