We are currently developing a new show that explores social media and its effect on health, identity and society. 

We will undertake an initial period of R&D during our residency at the Space 15-26th February.

Information technology defines our era; the world is waking up to the realities of social media. It is affecting us, our health, behaviour, relationships, children and society in ways that we are just beginning to comprehend. We must act fast before irreversible damage is done.

Devised by Eifion Ap Cadno and Ines Autonell. Designed by Becca White. This period of R&D is co-produced by the company and Jennifer Jones.

Generously supported using public funding by Arts Council England.


Initial R&D Sharing/Discussion

A recording of our sharing and discussion that took place on Zoom on February 26th 2021 at the culmination of a two week research-intensive R&D investigating social media and its wider context. This project was generously supported by the Arts Council of England. This video is for documentation purposes only.