We need your help! The Imagination Police have taken all our… well, imagination, and we’ve run out of ideas! Come with us on a journey to distant lands where we’ll meet strange and wonderful characters and discover their stories. All we need is your imagination - and some recycling…

We've got a cool new software that creates completely random and unique characters so we'll be drawing and making them out of recycled materials. We'll then play with what the characters move, behave and sound like before writing some short scenes.

It's the perfect opportunity for children to have fun with aspects of design, acting and writing for theatre.

Teddy, 10

"I want to STAY!” 

Alice, Director of Visual Arts & Design, The BRIT School

"Great load of materials and really friendly leaders. Our kids are 10, 7 and 3 and they all did something!" 

Emiliana, rising star costume-maker

"This was really fun, especially the drawing. I made a Princess and a rabbit. I loved using the material and the pens. Go to this place for sure. It's cool.”

Julie, parent

"We had a lovely couple of hours creating different "out of this world" characters and imagining the things they could do. The staff were friendly and helpful and we had a good laugh. We can't wait until next time.”

This workshop is available for booking. 


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